About Us

With Innovation, Integrity and Independence at the heart of our business, St David’s Vets has been in existence for over 75 years, providing veterinary care across all animal species ranging from Poultry, Farm, Equine and Small Animals.

St David’s is proud to be independent, and with the introduction of large corporates changing the veterinary landscape, it is more important than ever for us to demonstrate to both our clients and employees the benefits of working with our practices.

Our passion is in providing quality clinical advice and support to our clients, building strong working relationships with them, and helping them to both understand and implement a proactive management programme for their animals, thus reducing the need for clinical intervention such as antibiotic use.

Being free of corporate ties, we have the autonomy to invest into areas of the business when we like and can focus on the areas that matter most to us, our clients and our team, making a real difference to the work that we do on the ground. We know the importance of further professional development, and encourage our team to undertake additional training to expand their knowledge and skillset – and have the budgets to support this.

Currently, half of our directors are under 40 years of age, and with this we see new concepts and innovative ideas coming to the forefront. Always looking to the future, our board and wider team are driving innovation and new concepts to improve the health and welfare of our patients.

We are excited by the new ideas, prospects and potential that comes with expansion and so if you’re looking to work alongside a team of like-minded, driven and forward thinking professionals in a new environment then head over to our vacancies page, or sign up to our job alerts below.