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Molecare Farm Vets

Based in Devon, Molecare Farm Vets is a unique joint venture between St David’s Farm Practice and Mole Valley Farmers, making it the only farm vet practice with a link to a farmer co-operative. This link allows the business to utilise the wide range of services and expertise offered by Mole Valley Farmers.

With our team of 12 vets, our farm practice provides a proactive whole farm approach to veterinary healthcare that the modern farmer has come to expect.

Our work primarily focuses on dairy, caring for over 60 clients, delivering herd health care, fertility management and helping farmers to develop sustainable practices to ensure good productivity for both now, and for the future. In addition to dairy farms, we also work with a number of clients in the beef industry as well as sheep and pig farms.

The ever changing outlook for farming calls for a dynamic and skilled team to maintain the highest standards of welfare and best practice, whilst also demonstrating the drive and enthusiasm to support the growth of the business and our clients' requirements.

We offer a comprehensive and supportive programme for new graduates during their first 6 months with us, which includes shadowing of experienced colleagues, weekly seminars and an in-practice mentor. We also widely encourage regular training and personal development for all of our team so we can continue to apply and provide industry leading knowledge and techniques to our work.

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The opportunity to work in Molecare Farm Vets and practice under the guide and expertise of St David’s is unique. Being able to see how a successful poultry practice has evolved over time to adapt to the industry and client needs offers an insight into how we can keep ahead of the curve in ruminant practice as the farming landscape changes. The technology projects in the business further reflect this, and show a level of entrepreneurial flare and engagement with the future of agriculture which I’m excited to be a part of.