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Predict health. Prevent Disease. Drive Performance. Through collaboration of veterinary surgeons, hardware, software engineers and data analysts, Prognostix is the progressive and smart technology approach to animal health and management.

Through developing an intelligent diagnostics platform and using a combination of sensors, monitors, manual input and alerts, we are able to provide the latest in livestock management techniques to help our clients to both diagnose and resolve issues at an impressive rate.

Whilst the adoption of technology is still in its infancy in many agricultural industries and farming sectors, the use of mobile sensors and software designed to integrate with multiple existing platforms means that our Prognostix system is a much easier transition to make for our clients.

Through detailed analysis and reports, we are able to collate and review data in real-time, helping us to lead the way in animal management and healthcare, and paving the way for a new generation of farming.

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Alan Beynon BVM&S MRCVS

Initially both farmers and vets were wary of removing antibiotics from regular use. However through tried and tested solutions, we are now able to work closely with farms, integrators, processors and packers to introduce strategies that work for individual needs in a sustainable way.

The PrognostiX solution is one of the first applications of IoT within agriculture where information is automatically collected by cost effective and wireless sensors and can be used to monitor animal health and farm efficiency. With increasing pressure within agriculture to reduce antibiotic usage it has become obvious to our veterinary business that we need to understand what factors are causing any disease on a farm. Furthermore, it is very important to use that information to predict and prevent disease and to really understand performance challenges to facilitate this reduction.

Alan Beynon BVM&S MRCVS