Veterinary Internship

St David's Poultry Team

Newark or Thetford

Closing Date: 27th October 2022

We are the leading independent commercial poultry veterinary practice with bases in the UK and Ireland and are looking to recruit enthusiastic and motivated interns to join our team of 25 vets.

Our six-month graduate internships, for new or recently graduated vets, offer you the opportunity to experience the many aspects of this varied sector, fully supported and mentored by some of the most respected poultry vets in the industry.

Internships are based at one of our branches however wherever you are based, you will also get the opportunity to spend time at other locations around the UK and Ireland.

During your six months with us, you will have a combination of tutorials and practical on-farm training, covering all aspects of the poultry and game bird industry, to support your long-term career development. To top it off, there is a generous remuneration package on offer too.

No previous poultry industry experience is needed, however you will need to have an interest in poultry medicine and be committed to learning, and developing your skills and experience.

About us

You will be joining the leading and largest independent poultry veterinary practice in UK and Ireland, and work alongside an established team of 25 vets and 10 field services technicians.

We provide comprehensive and independent veterinary services to the broiler, layer, turkey and game bird industries and have consistently grown due to the quality and integrity of our service, our drive to innovate and the strength of our client relationships.

We have a hands-on approach to veterinary care, that enables us to provide tailored health programmes, suited to individual client needs.

Our team also has extensive experience in international poultry consultancy work.

Why a career in the poultry industry?

  • Huge veterinary involvement
  • Complex population control
  • Routine (and regular) farm visits
  • Experience - pathology (PME), epidemiology, flock management and husbandry
  • Significant focus on antibiotic reduction
  • Our innovative approach – within and alongside the industry
  • High level of respect (farmers and industry)
  • Above average levels of pay
  • Fast career progression

About our internship

Our Clinical Director and current President of the British Veterinary Poultry Association, Richard Jackson has developed and oversees our internships.

Our structured programme combines formal tutorials and practical experience, fully supported by our team of experts. Areas that you’ll cover include:

  • The first few weeks are placement-based on some of the best poultry farms in the UK (layer, game, broiler & turkey) to give you the knowledge of the best management practices
  • Throughout your internship tutorials are given by some of the best poultry vets in their respective fields covering all aspects of poultry health and management on a cased based approach. We’ll support you with CPD
  • You’ll be given laboratory training along with a range of sampling techniques. This sits alongside our training on interpreting lab results
  • During your internship the degree of challenge from the cases increases
  • You’ll spend time at several of our branches learning about the challenges and needs of different producers, in different areas of the UK

By the end of the internship, you should be proficient at sampling, post-morteming birds, know how to approach common presentations, be aware of common management practices and be aware of how to interpret lab results. Our aim is that you’ll complete the internship confident in dealing with common conditions and know where to seek advice for more complex cases.

Although this programme designed to provide you with experience of many aspects of the poultry sector, as your skills and experience develop, there’ll be a degree of flexibility that means you’re potentially able to focus/specialise on areas that interest you, should you wish to.

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